VitaMax DoubleShot Energy Coffee for Women

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VitaMax DoubleShot Energy Coffee for Women

Premium Instant Premix Coffee with Kacip Fatimah Extract.


Benefits of VitaMax Doubleshot Energy Coffee :

Enhance physical fitness, stamina, and strength.

Improves blood circulations, alertness and concentration.

Helps boost energy level and physical performance.

Enhances women’s health & vitality.

Strengthening the immune system.

Increase body arousal & sensation.

Recommeded use:

Take one sachet (20g) every 2 days as needed.



Non Dairy Creamer.

Instant Coffee.

Labisia Pumila (Kacip Fatimah).

Radix Panax Ginseng.

Lepidium Meyenii (MACA).

Caution:  If you are allgeric to any ingredients, please do not consume this product.

Disclaimer :

Dietary Supplements statements have not been evaluated by FDA and should not be used to diagnose or cure any health condition. These products are not to be taken as medical treatment for any ailments. Please consult your doctor for any health related issues. Do not take these products if you are allergic to any ingredients.


There are 10 sachets (20grams ea) in a box. 100% authentic Malaysian VitaMax DoubleShot Energy Coffee for Women.


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